The cVEDA Dataset

DOI: 10.25720/veda-cmrh

The c-VEDA dataset contains data collected and processed by the c-VEDA study from an accelerated and planned missing longitudinal cohort of over 10,000 individuals within specific age ranges 6-11, 12-17 and 18-23 years in 7 recruitment centres covering 5 geographical regions of India:  Punjab and adjoining states (PGIMER), Eastearn Coalfields (KOLKATA), Northeast India (IMPHAL), Bengaluru & Mysuru (MYSORE, NIMHANS, SJRI) and Chittoor (RISHIVALLEY).

Age bands
Age band ID Age band name Age range
C1 Children 6-11
C2 Adolescents 12-17
C3 Adults 18-23
Recruitment centres
Centre ID Centre name Site Location MRI
11 PGIMER Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research Chandigarh, Punjab Siemens Verio
12 IMPHAL Regional Institute of Medical Sciences Imphal, Manipur
13 KOLKATA National Institute of Occupational Health Centre Kolkata, West Bengal Siemens Trio
14 RISHIVALLEY Rishi Valley Rural Health Centre Rishy Valley, Andhra Pradesh acquired in NIMHANS
15 MYSORE CSI Holdsworth Memorial Hospital Mysuru, Karnataka Philips Ingenia
16 NIMHANS National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences Bengaluru, Karnataka Siemens Skyra /
Philips Ingenia
17 SJRI St. John’s Research Institute Bengaluru, Karnataka acquired in NIMHANS
Time points

Baseline (BL) data are collected at inclusion and follow-ups are scheduled either 1 year (FU1) or 2 years (FU2) after inclusion.

Data collection and management

Biological sampling and MRI scanner protocol are described in Standard Operating Procedures. Details about the actual MRI sequences used by each centre are available via SFTP:

Other data have been collected using Psytools. We provide a short overview of the c-VEDA instruments. The detailed Excel resource file used to build the Psytools questionnaires is available via SFTP only:
Some of the questionnaires are used under restrictive licensing, therefore this Excel resource file must remain within the c-VEDA consortium. Please do not disseminate.

We have written specific software and scripts for imaging data collection and initial processing. We have published and maintain them in GitHub. We roughly describe the data acquisition and management process from the perspective of the databank operators in the cveda_databank wiki.

Data and samples are pseudonymized once before leaving acquisition centres. Then data are pseudonymized a second time by the database team, acting as a trusted third party, distinct from acquisition centres. We provide a list of valid participant identifiers to help end-users detect and investigate possible identifier errors.

Data processing

See cveda_processing on GitHub.

Data publication

We release formal versions of the c-VEDA dataset, appending additional data or fixing existing data with each release:

Dataset release details
Dataset version DOI Release date Download link
0.9 10.25720/veda-c09w 2018-11-21 s
1.0 10.25720/veda-c10e 2018-11-21 s
1.1 10.25720/veda-c11f 2019-04-17 s
1.2 10.25720/veda-c12g 2019-05-28 s
1.3 10.25720/veda-c13h 2019-06-26 s
1.4 10.25720/veda-c14j 2019-10-16 s
1.5 10.25720/veda-c15k 2021-06-07 s