We aim to study 10,000 individuals, both male and female, from different places in India (Chandigarh, Kolkata, Imphal in Manipur, Rishi Valley in Andhra Pradesh, Bangalore and Mysore).


Clinical assessment

This will include answering questionnaires and undergoing physical examination, including height-weight measurements and nutritional assessments. In the questionnaires we will ask about:

  1. Circumstances at birth such as mother’s health, birth weight, etc.
  2. Temperament/personality
  3. Psychological tests for mental abilities
  4. Illnesses that participant and family members have/ had
  5. Exposure to a] psychological stress – adverse childhood circumstances; b] environmental toxins-including cell phone use, proximity to high-tension electric lines, migration etc.
  6. Current mental functioning – thoughts, moods, behaviours; and in case of adolescents and adults – use of tobacco, alcohol & other drugs, other behaviours like internet use, cell phone use, gambling, etc.


Blood/Saliva and Urine Sample

Blood sample will be collected from all consenting participants.

  • For children below 10 years age: 7ml blood will be collected
  • For older children/adolescents and adults: 10-15ml blood will be collected

Saliva samples will be collected from children below 10 years of age, if they do not agree to give a blood sample, and consent to give a saliva sample. For this, a swab will be used to collect a sample from the mouth (i.e. a buccal swab).

Urine sample (2 X 25ml) will be collected from all consenting participants.


MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

The study will look at, in around 1000 participants, the structure and function of the brain using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).