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The global Imaging Genetics of Adolescents Initiative (GIGA) is a collaboration between several major cohorts in UK, Europe, USA, China, and India who investigate health outcomes in children and adolescents via behavioural and imaging genetic studies. Its aim is to enable comparative research on brain development and behaviour in different cultures, environments and ethnic groups, both in industrialized nations and low and medium income countries (LMIC). To this end GIGA is working towards harmonized data acquisition, retrieval, and analysis.


The Centre for Population Neuroscience and Precision Medicine (PONS) aims at establishing and analysing big neuroimaging genetic datasets to precisely identify brain mechanisms underlying behaviour, and their genetic and environmental mediators, thus enabling prediction and stratification of mental disorders. The generation of well-characterised large scale databases internationally, the advent of deep phenotyping through biological assessments, including neuroimaging and –omics technologies, and the development of novel computer science and statistical tools to relate and analyse different data levels enable powerful new solutions to elucidate the biological basis of dysfunctional behaviour and mental disorders in its environmental context on a population-wide and global scale.


NeuroSpin is a research center for innovation in brain imaging, located on the CEA Paris-Saclay site. At NeuroSpin, physicists, mathematicians, neuroscientists and doctors join forces to develop synergistically the tools and models that will allow to better understand the functioning of the normal and pathological brain, before or after treatment. Focused on neuroimaging, the research conducted ranges from technological and methodological developments (data acquisition and processing) to preclinical and clinical neuroscience, including cognitive neuroscience.